The Riverside International Friendship Gardens are located on a 1.2 acre site just east of the La Crosse Convention & Visitor’s Bureau at Riverside Park. The Friendship Gardens have been made possible through a unique public/private partnership. Partners include the City of La Crosse Parks Department, the Bluff Country Master Gardeners, and the Riverside International Friendship Gardens Board of Directors. The City of La Crosse has provided land and additional resources and expertise to ensure the ongoing success of the gardens. The Bluff Country Master Gardeners have provided expertise in design and horticulture, as well as leadership in planting and maintaining the gardens. The RIFG Board of Directors provides overall direction and fundraising for the gardens.


  • Easy access
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Large variety of flowers and shrubs
  • Parking immediately adjacent to gardens
  • Beautiful setting—where the Mississippi, Black, and La Crosse rivers converge