The Chinese Garden

Two, striking stone dragons greet you at the entrance to the Chinese gardens, celebrating sister-city Luoyang, China. This walled garden echoes the walled noblemen’s gardens of ancient China. An intimate space, it symbolizes the whole world represented in one small garden. Design principles of Feng Shui were used to bring good fortune, while creating a free-flowing movement. Rocks, water, architecture, and unique plant forms are highlighted. Luoyang, an ancient city, is the Peony Capitol of China. Thus, peonies are highlighted here, and are in full show in early June.

The Chinese Garden Gallery


Chinese Garden (Chinese)


踏入中国花园,迎面而来的是姐妹城中国洛阳赠送的两只醒目的巨龙。这座花园模仿中国古代皇家园林围墙花池的设计,人与自然的谐和世界显示在这座 娇小玲珑的花园。运用中国风水原理,花园设计流畅,岩石,溪水,建筑和独特成型的植物成为中国花园的亮点。因为古城洛阳号称中国牡丹之都,园中栽培的牡丹花会在每年六月初绽放。


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