The French Garden

A city of flowers located along the Moselle River, Epinal is the inspiration for this garden. Epinal and La Crosse celebrated 30 years of sister-city status in 2016. This garden features formal design. There is a pavillion looking over a rose garden, plus a knot garden – featuring closely cropped hedges in a geometric pattern, and a parterre – a patterned garden. Topiary – shaped trees, line the walk. Enjoy the statue of Le Pinau – the boy with a thorn in his foot – atop the granite fountain. This statue is a miniature replica of a famous statue in Epinal. You can see a larger replica of this statue on the fountain that runs alongside the Radisson Hotel in La Crosse. Hydrangea and a daylilly collection are featured, as well as roses imported from Epinal.

The French Garden Gallery

Garden Map