The Norwegian Garden

One of the most spectacular waterfalls near sister-city Forde is called “Huldefossen,” named for the legend of the beautiful woman who lived in the mountain and would entice men into the forest. Look carefully, and you might be able to spot Hulde’s face behind the cascading water of the small waterfall. Various nisse – trolls – can be spotted here and there. Plants you might find on a typical farm in Norway are also here: rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries. Enter the garden through the beautiful “torvtak,” reminiscent of the many sod-roofed structures found throughout Norway. Hardy shrub roses include University of Minnesota introduced types: Ole, Lena, Sven & Sigrud. Complementing those are a notable Norwegian cultivar, Grefsheim Spirea. The national flower of Norway (Digitalis, or Foxglove) adds a splash of color. Pine, Norway spruce (pyramidal, dwarf and weeping), juniper and groupings of birch trees add to the forest.

The Norweigan Garden Gallery

Garden Map